Dexter Stallworth
Funny Youtube videos


A lonely man searching for love in the city. 

Tyra Banks

Check me out on the Tyra Banks Show. I made her laugh. 

Kodak Advantix Commercial

Check out this great commercial

You know how most dating sites say they have great people, but they're really are losers. This website tells the truth! I mean the real truth! 

The Merger

This is a short film I made with some talented people. Disclaimer, this project was made before we knew the name of a certain person. Watch and you will find out who I'm talking about. 

Super Negro

What if George Lucas was a black kid growing up in the hood, and was trying make Stars Wars today? But first he would have to hold a casting session. This is what it might look like. 


Urbanites dating in a concrete jungle. 

The Interviews

This short video shows the stressful process of going on a job interview. 

Jamiroquai Space Cowboy

I made my own version of their music video, with a lot less money. 

The Political

Politicians have scandals, this one is so big that even Olivia Pope couldn't get him out of this one. 

I'm apologizing for the nonsense in this video.